• Join us on Sundays. Come as you are!

    Uplifting worship, fellowship, prayer, and a message from the Word of God with tools to live this Christian life and walk in the freedom that Christ has given us all. Join the GC2 family as we worship our amazing God together, grow in our faith, and do life together!

  • Let's celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Savior

    Everyone is welcome! Join us on Christmas Eve for inspiring music and an uplifting message. A celebration the whole family will love.

  • Our Focus in 2018 and Beyond

    We care for our neighbors and our community and strive to help them where needed, receiving nothing in return but a "Thank You!"

  • Praying Together

    We seek opportunities to care for our neighbors, friends, and our sisters and brothers in Christ. Connecting face-to-face with others cultivates mutual gift-sharing, encouragement, listening, trust, compassion, humor, empathy, friendship, and hope. As we practice the ministry of presence – and give this gift of time – we reflect the self-giving love of God in Jesus Christ. contact us to let us know how we can pray for you or to set up a time to meet with our Pastors or other leaders.

  • Small Groups

    Explore a Small Group Bible Study for experience and growth. In a small group you will find friendly, sincere people from different walks of life and ethnicities united by their love for Christ and others. Learn the importance of fostering love, trust, and security in your friendships. Click the image for more information. Please call group leaders in advance to confirm the group schedule.

  • Serving With Joy

    Sharing God's truth, Jesus' love, and the hope of Salvation!

  • AWANA Boys & Girls Club

    REGISTRATION IS OPEN for Preschool through 6th Graders! During the school year we meet most Sundays, 4:00-5:45 p.m. Learn more

Our name “GC2” says everything about who we are as a church. The first GC is Jesus’ Great Commandment from Matthew 22:37-39, which tells us to love God and to love others. The second GC is Jesus’ Great Commission from Matthew 28:18-20, which tells us to share the Good News. The two GC’s guide every part of our lives as we follow Jesus Christ together. We hope you will choose to be part of the family as well!