• ABOUT THE BIBLE: The Bible is God's inerrant revelation to humanity and reveals the truth about who He is and His plan for creation.


  • ABOUT GOD: God is love, and He is holy. He exists as the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ was God the Son. He was crucified on the cross to atone for our sins according to God's plan. He was raised from the dead, ascended, and will return to rule the earth. The Holy Spirit convicts, empowers, transforms and dwells in those who have put their faith in Christ.


  • ABOUT PEOPLE: God created every person in His image for a unique and perfect purpose. Every person, therefore, is to be loved and respected as someone who is of tremendous worth and value.  However, everyone has chosen to stray from God's purposes and plans. The Bible calls this sin and it has led to pain, suffering, death, and alienation from God.


  • ABOUT REDEMPTION: God loves everyone and has provided a way for anyone to receive His forgiveness and be restored to His perfect purpose and plan. It is through believing that Jesus Christ was God the Son and rose from the dead, trusting in his death alone to atone for one's sins, and giving Christ leadership over one's life.

  • ABOUT CHURCH: God commands His followers to be in community with other followers in Bible-believing churches where they can encourage and help each other honor God and fulfill His plans.


  • ABOUT THE FUTURE: Christ will return in bodily form as prophesied in the Bible to judge all of humanity.  Those who have put their faith in Him as Savior and Lord will be reward with eternal life with God in a new earth. Those who have not will be tormented in hell.   Therefore, it is GC2's goal to faithfully follow Christ, love others, and spread the good news of His salvation so that everyone can receive eternal life.
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