What to expect 

We hope to break some of the preconceived ideas you have about “church”. The first thing you will notice is that we meet at an Elementary School. Stone Ranch Elementary in 4S Ranch is our current meeting place. This allows us the freedom to use a lot more of our finances to care for other people instead of paying for a building. We are a church that reaches out into the entire local community with the love of God.

God has brought people from all over the world to live in our community, and we celebrate those beautiful backgrounds and cultures. No matter where you are from, you will find people who genuinely want to know you and call you a friend. We believe that the church should reflect the God’s creativity in look and style.


Worship Style

We have a wide range of musical styles: from hymns to contemporary worships songs. You can enjoy the musical talent of our very own church members who volunteer their time to practice and learn worship songs. The music can be uplifting, contemplative, and celebratory.


What To Bring

Just come as you are. We have bibles, pens, and notebooks if you need them.



The phrase "Wear your Sunday's best" comes to mind. But we understand this from a different perspective. We ask that you come to church ready to hear the Word of God with an open heart. That is your "Sunday's best."


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