Our vision for children’s ministry is to help children grow in their understanding of God. We want to help kids discover a relationship with Jesus, and build excitement for being a part of the church as they grow up.

Our Commitment to Parents

To provide a Christian environment that promotes love and uses the Bible as a basis for teaching.To provide a quality learning environment best suited to the age and developmental level of each child.We will maintain a clean, healthy and safe place for children to have fun, learn and play.

The Way We Do Things

  • We teach Scripture, not just moral truths, in a way that can be applied to their young lives
  • We engage kids, not just pass on information
  • We use tools that are appropriate for this generation of learners
  • We help children WANT to come to church, AND bring their friends
  • We guide children to ask questions and get involved
  • We assist kids from diverse cultures feel connected to the church and other kids at church
  • We encourage kids to serve and share their faith alongside their parents