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Unbreakable Student Ministry

We are a group that likes to have fun while growing in our relationship with Jesus and each other. We invest in our community and our homes. More than simply teaching about the Bible, we model what it means to know Jesus.

We value transparency that leads to owning our faith. We realize that students are learning to have faith in God and that the Christian life is not about just managing our faults; It is a life changing journey that contributes to their identity and shapes their goals.

Unbreakable Logo

We have faith that God does not only forgive us of our sins, but He is working to completely restore us of our brokenness. We do this through teaching strategies that work with different learning styles, local community involvement, providing leadership opportunities, individualized mentoring, and by inviting parents to join their children in this journey.

Student ministry is not an island for teenagers. It is a bridge that connects students to multiple generations of Christians, to the local community, to their families, and to God.