Who We Are

GC2 is a small church with a goal to reach the critical mass that will enable us to be even more effective in serving the community and congregation.

Our Church's Vision

We aspire to develop greatness in people and in programs! Even more importantly, our aim is to glorify God and be fruitful followers of Christ Jesus in our local region. We invite you to be part of what God is doing at GC2 Church.

Our Church Strategy

The Church As a Team. Our greatest strategy is to be a churchwide team that unleashes the gifts, talents, interests, and experiences of every person so they can discover, enjoy, and fulfill their God-given calling. Learn more here about our Six B path towards reaching your fullest potential.

Small Group Fellowships and Ministry Teams. These are how we live out our team philosophy. Christ has committed to be never leave or forsake us, and we’re here for each other in our small groups and ministry teams, where we learn, laugh, cry, pray, serve, and grow together. The reality is that we are never alone. Learn more here about our small groups and our ministry teams.

A Church of Along-siders. We believe God has called us to come alongside people and organizations around us to encourage and serve. The questions we ask are: “How can we support what you are doing? How can we encourage? How can we help?” Learn more here about how we come alongside children, students, adults, missionaries, and the community.


Why does GC2 exist? Why are we tirelessly committed to loving God, loving our neighbors, and making disciples?

Our Reason: “We love because He loved us first.” – John 4:19

Why should you come to GC2?

Our answer is: “Come, if you are ….

  • ... Looking for a community of faithful people
  • … Looking for a church with people of different cultures and nationalities
  • … Looking for authenticity and not a lot of flash
  • … Looking for the church where you and your family can grow spiritually
  • … Looking for a place to belong and give yourself to God

Pastor Biography

Pastor Luke Chen was born in Taiwan but grew up in a predominately German neighborhood of Chicago (Perhaps that’s why he took high school German). He originally wanted to be a doctor and graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor degree in biochemistry-molecular biology. (This explains his occasional nerdiness.) God, however, had other plans for him and called him into the pastoral ministry. God also gave him a wonderful wife, Ruth, who got him organized and introduced him to Jamaican ways of life.

After seminary God took Luke and Ruth to Toronto, Los Angeles, and San Diego (Yeah, no more Midwest winters!) mainly to pastor in Chinese American churches, until 2009 (He doesn’t speak much Chinese). In 2009 he and Ruth started GC2 Church with a group of around 30 amazing brothers and sisters in Christ. In addition to his love for the Lord and ministry, Pastor Luke loves his wife, his three grown daughters, and he would love a dog and a cat, if he had them. He also loves to try out new restaurants! In his spare time, he has remodeled his house, re-landscaped his yard, taken strenuous vacations, flown his drone for ministry and fun, played around with his multiple cameras, and taken long drives to nowhere. Click here to read his testimony.