Proverbs 8 | Wisdom’s Credentials

Sermon Big Question:  Why should we embrace wisdom’s credentials?

  • 1st: Wisdom is attractive (8:1-9)
  • 2nd: Wisdom is priceless (8:10-16)
  • 3rd: Wisdom is ancient and eternal (8:22-31)
  • 4th: Wisdom is life (8:32-36)
  • How does Proverbs points backwards and forward to Jesus?

Key Takeways:

  • We all need guidance to navigate life's challenges.
  • True wisdom is attractive because it's grounded in truth and offers practical benefits.
  • Jesus Christ is the ultimate expression of God's wisdom.
  • By embracing Jesus, we embrace the life God intended for us.

Study Questions:

  1. Reflecting on Credentials: In today's world, bombarded by information and conflicting advice, what qualities do you seek in a source of wisdom?
  2. The Cost of Foolishness: The sermon talks about the consequences of rejecting wisdom. Can you think of a time when you ignored wise advice and faced negative consequences? How can reflecting on those experiences help you stay committed to seeking wisdom?
  3. Wisdom in Action: The passage mentions wisdom offering practical guidance for life. Consider a current challenge you're facing. How can you apply principles of wisdom, like truthfulness and discernment, to make wise decisions in that situation?
  4. Beyond the Sermon: The message connected Lady Wisdom to Jesus Christ. Have you ever considered how Jesus embodies wisdom? Think about a teaching or action of Jesus that exemplifies this concept.
  5. A Renewed Invitation: The sermon concludes with the invitation to embrace wisdom through Jesus and how his wisdom can bring order, purpose, and structure to your life. In the next week, how can you actively seek Christ’s wisdom for your daily life?