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  • What's On Your Shirt (Anthony Porter)
  • How Will They Know? (Pastor Luke)
  • Can You Hear Me Now? (Pastor Luke)
  • Don't Miss the Marvel of God's Love
  • Certainty of Hope
  • God Is Not Done (Pastor Luke)
  • Christ was born to set you free (Pastor Luke)
  • Wanted Dead or Alive (Pastor Luke)
  • Thanks God For Suffering? (Pastor Luke)
  • The Art Of Giving Thanks (Dan Maxtor)
  • God's Amazing Grace (Pastor Luke)
  • God's Faithfulness To Unfaithful People (Pastor Luke)
  • In Exile (Jon Liu)
  • Community:Being The Good Shepherd
  • A Leader is not an Island
  • Heart of Leadership
  • Commitment is More Than a Word
  • Are You Competent? (Pastor Luke)
  • The Messenger Is Also the Message (Pastor Luke)
  • Who Is Your Neighbor (Dr. Henry Tan)
  • Time For Harvest (Pastor Luke)
  • Growing The Field (Pastor Luke)
  • Seeding The Field
  • Seedling In The Field

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